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Dinar Inc – Iraq Currency Dealer From Florida

Dinar Inc sells the Iraqi currency, the dinar company is based out of Florida.

Most of their clients come from dinar websites like Dinar Chronicles and Investors Iraq because let’s face it, do they want to advertise on websites such as Dinar Daily where people don’t believe the Iraqi Dinar will revalue? Of course not.

Their website is – https://www.dinarinc.com/bw

They did a call following the Sterling Raid where they tried to make it seem like they were going to take care of the Sterling victims, I’m not going to call them customers. You can read all about the Sterling Currency Group raid if you do a simple search. Anyways, they said they would post the call, but they never did.

Regarding their website, they have links to article on the revaluation because, obviously, it’s in their best interest to rank for them.

There are more articles such as this one:


When Will The Dinar Revalue? Article links to DinarInc website.


The also have this website advertising for them and linking to them – http://www.rizzologroup.net/users/serview.asp?suid=5326

Dinar Inc Videos:

This one is all about the stolen images of the North Dakota attorney general.

Note: Since the above video was made, they removed the images and you would have to check the archive to even know they existed.

Is Dinar INC Promoting the IQD RV video, Robert Hoffman promotes the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation (RV)

Video showing the Dinar Inc website hacked. Posted on September 19, 2016.

dinar inc google plus profile

More information can be found here – http://dinarrvnews.net/iraqi-dinar-companies/dinar-inc/