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Treasury Vault

Vietnamese Dong (VND) Treasury Vault Tampa Dinar ripoffs and other prices
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A certain company has recently lowered their price, probably due to the fact that my site is now ranking for Vietnamese Dong, and also because they didn’t want a bad reputation.

Treasury Vault – Tampa Dinar – Both are charging way too much for Vietnamese Dong as is the BuyVND site, so just buy from your local bank. I don’t care if it’s Wells Fargo or Chase Bank, Citi or any bank, doesn’t matter.

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Don’t Buy Vietnamese Dong from these sellers, buy at your local bank

dinar banker
peoples dinar
planet dinar
treasury vault
tampa dinar
sterling currency group

Vietnamese Dong Ripoff Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13xU3Cecj4w&list=UUkg6lryLaHasd7ez-qVC2AQ
Review of where to buy dong. VND guide.