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Dinar Vets – Hacked Website Warning – Adam Montana

The Dinar Vets website was hacked, please be careful if you visit the website.

dinar vets

Adam Montana is the administrator of the website. His real name is James Wolf, or Wolfy, or Wolfman as you will find out.

Please note, there is malware on the site as of February 2016.

It’s very important that you warn everyone about this site.

Dinarvets has weekly update posts. They don’t talk about Tony since he is now in jail. Expect lots of dinar rumors from Montana weekly.

I think the issue with the website is that there are a lot of users who really don’t know anything about economics, who are trying to give financial advice to the masses.  The issue is that nobody should take advice from a dinar guru or just a regular person who has no experience in real forex trading.

Dinar Vets and the Revaluation

Another issue I have seen is the constant arguments with dinar investors and those who are saying it’s a scam.  There seems to be no middle ground, just people who say it’s a scam, and those who feel they are about to become instant millionaires. For people on the site with an account or profile like yota691 and luigi1, this post if for you.

When was it you started counting down the days that the dinar would revalue? How many topics and how many replies later are you still waiting? Will it happen today? Will it happen tomorrow? Be careful around Dinar Vets.

Learn about the Iraqi Dinar revaluation by actually doing research yourself, don’t just reply on sites like mine or other guru sites.