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Iranian Rial

Should you buy the Iranian currency, the Rial? Will it RV (revalue)? AS OF 1/25/16 Sanctions have ended, it IS LEGAL to purchase the currency, I will make an updated video. On this video, the people selling the currency should not have been selling it prior to sanctions being removed in January. This was filmed live on October 2, 2015. These are the questions I have been getting for the better part of three months, so I wanted to address them.

In May of 2015, only 90 searches were for the phrase “buy Iranian Rial” according to Google.

By June, that number jumped to 390.

July was over 1,000 and August was 590.

Obviously Iran’s money is of importance to many people. The currency rates between the US Dollar and the Rial have changed quite a bit since 2013. The Rial has plunged in value against the dollar since that time.