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Iraqi Dinar – IQD – Iraqs Currency

Iraqi Dinar News Video from YouTube, this video goes into detail about the real news coming out of Iraq.
The issue most websites have is that they do NOT translate the Arabic correctly, or they don’t cite where the article comes from.

Video Source: Iraqi Dinar News

As you can see, Nick Giammarino mentions the Central Bank of Iraq removing the 50 Iraqi Dinar note, and the deletion of zeros.

Here is the link to the press release/article regarding the removal of the 50 Iraqi Dinar banknotes.

Updated Link:
Iraqi Dinar – Removal of the 50 IQD

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  1. horace henley says

    the currency reevaluation is being done by the IMF. so why is the Iraqi government seem to be in control of it? I think the IMF should leave the Iraqi alone and RV the other 190 countries. then maybe it might help the Iriqi make up their mind.


  1. […] was going to be just using the lower denomination notes, but earlier this year, the 50 denomination Iraqi Dinar notes were removed. Stay tuned for updates. Filed Under: TNT […]

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