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Dinar Guru – Who Is Telling The Truth?

There are a ton of Dinar Guru website out there, among them are the following:


The American Contractor

Dinar Revaluation News

Video about the Central Bank of Iraq Removing the 50 Dinar Notes and the Dinar Gurus inability to predict it.
Dinar Guru Predicts News – 50 Dinar Removal and More

As can be seen in this video, the so called dinar gurus have been making up lies for years.  When you do research, most of the gurus are paid by the dinar companies.

I don’t think that many investors in the Iraqi Dinar are prepared for the future.  They think that by purchasing the Iraqi Dinar they are going to be rich or they will not need anything else.  The video above makes a strong point:

  • If the gurus can predict the future rate of the Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong, why can’t they predict the rate of the United States Dollar to Japanese Yen?

To me, that says it all.

25k iraqi dinar

Iraqi Dinar News – Twitter

Dinar Guru Predicts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zg4VR4OCfMg


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