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Iko Ward

Iko Ward is a wannabe dinar guru that posts on the TNT dinar Forum. He wants to be like Ray Renfrow in the worst way. Don’t bother with anything Iko has to say if it’s his opinion. If he wants to say, “Hey, check out this article” that is different, but he needs to stop with the RV nonsense, and dinar recaps needs to stop posting anything from TNT Dinar.

iko ward dinar guru

Other places you will find Iko Ward is dinaresgurus, Dinar Daily, Dinar Updates and the Tony TNT forum.

Bank Meeting Tues. Afternoon by Iko Ward at TNT Forum


Another Bank meeting this afternoon, 2PM EST

Now I know what Tony is up against. The following is a synopsis of a meeting I just had with my WF Wealth Manager. It is all second hand (he said/she said) but confirms or agrees with what others are saying.

1 – My guy knows all about the RV but isn’t sure when it will pop in the US. He knows the International Rate has begun. He thinks the Saudis have been big trouble makers behind the scenes. This man is a regional wealth manager and services a large, well-to-do suburban area

2 – We set up several brokerage accounts for when it does RV in the US, this way I am in the system for the 20 min meeting. He knows about the 800 #s. I didn’t ask about MCA’s (Multiple Currency Accounts) because he didn’t suggest them. Went straight to multiple brokerage accounts as an initial setup. (Dinar and Dong). Couldn’t stress hard enough the separation of currencies, taxes and personal funds

3 – All the higher ups at WF know about the screw up with the software two weeks ago. (They really did try to make it happen. Its an inside joke. They blew it. They’re embarrassed. It’s fixed. The US has a complex, multi-tiered system and its taking time.

4 – John Kerry personally negotiated the contract rate (according to a higher up at WF) a few months ago. Its all about the oil futures. Its all about the oil futures. Its all about the oil futures. (Got it) All us new millionaires is secondary, but its going to make the administration look good.

5 – He knows of several high net worth individuals handled by a colleague who are “deep into it”.

6 – What impressed me most was how matter of fact he was about it. Just another killing in the investment market. Glad I came in for the meeting. Pitched WF asset management and investment advice because they are bound by fiduciary laws. They screw up, they have to pay.

7 – There were other things he said that led me to believe he is keyed in but unable to speak about. He was very good at getting out my personal history and current circumstance (not great) but at the end of the meeting it was he who was proactive about setting up accounts, setting up a followup meeting after Christmas, making sure I knew how to contact him, going over WF security measures. He definitely wanted my business. This says to me he knows its going to happen. He suggested we meet again this coming Monday.

Hope this helps to reinforce for those who believe this is happening and maybe change a few minds of the folks who are still in their fear. Bottom line, we cannot lose. The only thing now is to find out just how big we have won. I know some of you are in desperate need. All I can say is hang in there. This us real. It happening, just not the way everyone thought.

Message from Iko Ward


Hi Folks. Went to my local WF branch this AM to do a few things. While there, my branch liaison to my Wealth Manager (guy at their regional branch) came up all chipper and asked how things were going. I have purposely not spoken about the CE since late December. This women knows why I set up my brokerage accounts. I told her everything was fine and I was still waiting for things to happen. She smiled and mentioned she had noticed the new accounts were 90 days old without any activity.

I figured what the heck, so I jokingly said I’d be happy to make some deposits if she’d approve my VNN at 6.05. She immediately glanced sideways, smiled and said, “I’m not allowed to talk about it.” I said, “I know,” which surprised her even more. We passed a few more pleasantries and I left. The last thing she said was, “No pressure, just checking in. We certainly don’t want you going anywhere else.”

When this thing does happen I’m a big fish.

This morning tells me the following:

1 – She has at least had some training or formal discussion concerning the RV. Probably more than one as she did not react to my comment on the VNN/6.05 as if she had never heard of such a thing.

2 – They opened these accounts for me on a zero balance. They are over 90 days old and still no deposits. They are willing to keep them open.

3 – Her last statement indicates she has had specific discussion about my account.

All this means to me is the Intel Tony is receiving lines up with my personal experience. Its another real time experience suggesting the story is bearing out. As I practice getting past all the noise, the rank amateur analysis of world events, the fearful folks in chat, the “roller coaster”, I continue to see a forward progress. I see The Economic Hit Men at work in the Ukraine. I see the major, and I mean major screw-up the banks pulled by lending against an illegal currency, how the senators and congressmen cooked their own goose by cashing in and hiding funds in Switzerland, how all this had to be fixed by the PTB due to our Twitter campaign. I believe we are right where Tony says we are, waiting for everyone involved to feel comfortable and have a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card.

Last but not least, I get how most of us lucked into this and then lucked out even more because some guy named Tony thought it might be a good angle to get involved and suddenly found himself as “the man” and rose to the occasion. I’m not sure enough of you realize the very real position he has been put in. Some are born to greatness, others rise to it. Pam is right when she cautions about things like Vegas. I would offer similar advice.

So, forgive the lecture, none of you know me from Adam, but I’m a pretty smart guy, and I know many of your are too, and I know some of you have no idea of what is about to take place in your life, not really, and the other 200,000 of our TNT family are somewhere in between. But this is about to happen, and its going to be one heck of a ride. If you have listened to Tony, implemented his recommendations, you are going to be a wealthy person who can effect some real change in the world. If you’re just counting the money, you missed the point. Tony is humble when he speaks to this, but you and I are about to go down in history.