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Dinar Revaluation – Will the Iraqi Currency RV?

Will there be an Iraqi Dinar Revaluation?
This seems to be the ultimate question. People have invested in the Iraqi Dinar for years, some seem to think it’s a scam.

Forbes has an article about the Iraqi Dinar Scam
Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) http://dinarrvnews.net/new-iraqi-dinar-notes-released/ New Iraqi Dinar – IQD Notes Exchange Rates

http://cbi.iq/ Central Bank of Iraq Homepage

0:40 Central Bank of Iraq
1:52 Iraqi dinar news
2:30 Iraqi dinar value 10,000 IQD
2:55 Iraqi dinar revaluation 25,000 IQD
4:07 Iraqi dinar exchange rate 5,000 IQD
4:42 Lower Denomination Notes
5:44 Adam Montana 3 zero comment
6:20 Okie Oil Man three zeros
6:40 Iraqi Dinar Re denomination
7:30 American Contractor
7:55 Buy Iraqi Dinar – How to make purchases in Iraq
9:00 Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate – Fees assessed
11:40 One Million Iraqi Dinars – What you should pay
12:30 Dinar Exchange Chart I created, see the link above.



  1. they are going to take the bills we have off our hands and bring in all the
    old bills while lowering the note count and getting out the dollar… so
    how will they do that by increasing the dinar rate to a rate that makes
    people turn it in to the central bank…. you were wrong about Maliki and
    you will be wrong about the increase of rate. Remember after the budget and
    hcl oil law the people of Iraq will all be back to work and they will start
    receiving % of the oil revs they will start receiving purchasing power to
    use their credit cards and be able to travel the world.

    • Mike Smith says

      When you say wrong about the increase of rate….. has somebody here said it won’t increase? Or said a lower rate? I see nothing before your post you see for me to understand. I believe the RV will happen and will increase to a reasonable rate,!

    • Get real, the revaluation is happening tonight, LOL.I’ve had dinars for ten years, and it’s always the same bullshit, any day now, probably tommorow.These “GURUS” are obviously DINAR SALESMEN.Does anybody re m ember OKIE OILMAN??? Okie would say each and every Monday that the RV would be here by Friday.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Don’t get high hopes listening to these Dinar Salesmen.If it revalues, it revalues.There’s nothing we can do but pray for it.Dont be fooled by these criminal salesmen on any of these dinar websites.

  2. Philip Titlton says

    The rv/gcr is tonight thanks great video

  3. Philip Titlton says


  4. smokeyblizzard says

    they still plan to take 3 zeros off the currency aka redenominate.when? idk
    but they will eventually do it. if they make any higher denom notes that
    would mean this so called investment is doomed and there will b no rv and
    no one will make any money. http://goo.gl/424pYY

  5. smokeyblizzard says

    no one is going to make money on this dinar investment but the dealers that
    are selling it to people.

    • Mike Smith says

      Your wrong!

      • I think you need a more open mind Mike. Who is getting rich off this investment? The dealers! Want to make a statement on that?

        • I’m selling mine if anyone is interested. Also realizing no one is making money but the dealers. Mine is still in the original wrapping with letter of transaction/authenticity. If you still believe, I’ll sell you mine!

  6. waqas anwar says

    So what happens to all the notes we are all holding with three 000 

  7. Mark Corker says
  8. Tricia McGrath says

    Do you have any idea when it might RV? 

  9. Only reason to take out the zeros is to make spending money easier in Iraq.
    If they take out three zeros this will completely destroy the RV dream of
    making millions for your dinar. . 

  10. Tricia McGrath says

    I don’t see how much longer they can wait to RV, Float I am new to this and
    don’t know a whole lot about all of this but, it would seem since they are
    making deals for companies to come in and they have paid other country’s
    with dinar like the United States (from my understanding when we went to
    war planes came back full of dinar) that they will want paid soon. I don’t
    hold my breath anymore when it goes it will go but, I do hope soon. I keep
    hearing talk about 800 numbers but, if and when it goes shouldn’t I be able
    to go to my bank and exchange it?

  11. Global Currency Reset says

    Please give this video a thumbs up, I worked hard on it.

  12. Bertharina Rina says

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  13. Steve Gordon says


  14. Jean Claude Lahaie says
  15. Ibrahem Alsodany says

    Is it possible that you can explain to us what happened? Deity and the
    importance of change

  16. Deletion of zeros existing project, as pointed out it was given the green
    light for its implementation 3-3-15

  17. J Patrick McClure says

    great info Nick, thanks much as always

  18. J Patrick McClure says


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  19. Freddie Krueger says

    Looks like this IQD RV is a long running pipe dream. Runs just like a
    scam, it will revalue Thurs, then nope, will happen Sun. night, again nope.
    Looks like a bad investment.

  20. Gerry Kelly says

    I have 250.00 is us dollars worth hanging on?

  21. Stephen O Neill says

    Hi fella , I have 20.000.000 Dinar , should I hold on to it , will I get
    rich. or should I get rid of it?

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