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Iraqi Dinar Scam

Is the Iraqi Dinar Investment a Scam?

Here is what I call an Iraqi Dinar fan. All of the notes are represented. The 50 Iraqi Dinar notes are NOT being used as of 4/30/2015. See the press release below in this article to read more.
iraqi dinar scam

If you have purchased Iraqi Dinar in the hopes that you will become rich, you may have made a mistake.

Watch the video below:

An in depth explanation of how it works and how to avoid falling for it.

News about the Iraqi Dinar Scam and other updates will be posted on this website as soon as they are discovered.


This article about the dinar scam will be updated in the future as I’m still building out my new website, thanks.


  1. Frederick Forders says

    You got more chance of jesus returning then this so called rv. I bet
    $100,000 it never happena

  2. smokeyblizzard says

    2010 Document – Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction to The
    United States Congress

    Dinar Redenomination

    The CBI has announced that it intends to implement a long-planned
    Redenomination of the Iraqi dinar by eliminating three zeros from the
    nominal value of banknotes.This process is meant to ease commercial
    transactions by reducing errors and confusion that hyper-inflated
    currencies often cause. Now that Iraq’s inflation rate has achieved a level
    of stability, the move could serve to bolster confidence in the
    country’s currency.The Redenomination process is set to begin in late 2010
    and take two years to complete.

    if you have been reading news articles it says they have not done this
    because the timing is not right

  3. Jesus Velazquez says

    That dumb bitch Maria keeps posting everyone who thinks is a scam and has
    not purchased dinar will be sick when the dinar revalues next week. Just
    one problem, it’s been a 6 months since those statements were made and she
    is nowhere to be found. Perhaps she is the asshole that is sick!!!

  4. JOSE DEHESA says

    Dude, a scam is something you buy and has no value and can not be sold back.
    This was a presidential law signed.
    And one question: why you invest so much time in proving is a scam?? who
    paid you?my two questions are rhetoric.

  5. Aelectrician Sebastian says

    I bet ur wife and family think u r a moron.

  6. Anthony sanders says

    Folks, pay no attention to this scam artist! He is one of them! He wants to
    keep you cutting his grass, don’t buy into this self serving scammer!

  7. Marc cooper says

    AMEN as the GURUS say … LMFAO

  8. maria cornwallis says

    I now have 6,000,000 dinars and when it revalues very soon to what it used
    to be I will have $20,000,000. Not too bad for an investment of $6,000.
    petty cash

  9. maria cornwallis says

    I just can’t wait to wipe off that annoying little man’s smile

  10. Douglas Gallacher says

    Isn’t it interesting that the primary people that pounce on the Iraqi Dinar
    are the people who are in the “investment industry?? As they watch their
    investors slow down their investments in traditional venues, in favor
    of purchasing Dinars, Their own pocketbook is suffering. So let’s throw out
    half truths, and forget to mention other truths, so that we paint Dinars
    into something entirely different than what it is.
    Hey folks… I can’t sell Dinars,,, Therefor they are EVIL. Please come
    back to MY investments! So I can make money… HOGWASH… WE WILL HAVE THE
    LAST LAUGH!!! 

  11. The Kuwaiti Dinar was a completely different situation then the Iraq dinar.
    It had a basis of which to appreciate. The Iraq dinar doesnt. It is pretty
    much impossible for the dinar to reach any level as to be making money from
    the Dinar. At best, you will break even, but thats assuming you can somehow
    sell the Dinar. It is far more likely that you will lose everything. That
    they will declare the Dinar void, and just reset with a new currency. Even
    if that does not happen, it is questionable if you could even cash in on
    your dinar, as you cant spend them out of Iraq, and even Iraq uses mostly
    US dollars these days, cause the dinar is worth nothing. Great video. Sadly
    pro-Dinar RV people cannot be swayed by logic. They will believe they are
    going to be rich regardless of extreme proof that they wont. A country cant
    just come out and say our currency is now worth 1000x what it was
    yesterday. It doesnt work that way. The value of a currency is the result
    of many factors in the economy, not what the government says it worth. A
    government cannot set a value on its currency, thats done automatically on
    the world market. Look up ‘purchasing power parity’

  12. maria cornwallis says

    @mrtrax0r And why should you be right? Iraq is the wealthiest nation on
    this planet and all that is going to happen is it’s currency will be
    released from it’s artificial value to it’s natural value which is in the
    region of $4.00 or more. Time is on my side.

  13. maria cornwallis says

    @mrtrax0r I have just spoken to a relative of mine who is a senior banker
    in the city of London. He stated that International Banking Laws forbid a
    nation to trash the value of it’s currency by adjusting the face value of
    its notes. In other words a 25,000 dinar note will always be worth 25,000
    dinars and not 25 dinars and you are talking crap.

    • Correct. If they zero lop and a 25000 dinar note becomes 25 dinars then they will still have to honour the value. We would then be given 1000 x 25 dinar notes otherwise it would be like us taking a £10.00 note or $10.00 note to the bank and the teller saying sorry it’s only worth £1.00 or $1.00 it ain’t gonna happen

  14. eric900ish . says

    @maria cornwallis oh yeah…. well I just spoke to my 3rd cousin and he
    told me that his next door neighbors momma is best friends with Barack
    Obama AND he said the same thing youre saying! 

  15. Ben Otto says

    Like many here, I’m a dinar investor, and I’m pretty shocked at the
    inability of other commenters to even listen to what this guy has to say. I
    actually applaud him for teaching me something new about markets that I
    actually know very little about. Now is he right? We’ll see. But to attack
    him because you no likey what he saying is lame, and reflects your
    inability to handle opinions that differ from yours. He’s got great points
    that are worth paying attention to in weighing the risks of the dinar
    investment. Even if it makes you a little uncomfortable. That’s the way of
    investing, folks. Lambasting him for giving you doubt regarding an
    investment that you probably know very little about is foolish.

    I’ve chosen to accept the risks of this hard currency investment, but I’m
    not afraid to know what those risks are either. Shame on you all for your
    simple thinking and attacking this man for trying to share his opinion, in
    an effort to help you.

    I, for one, am grateful for his efforts.

  16. maria cornwallis says

    Iraq now has a new Prime Minister, a new President and 2 new Vice
    Presidents, Sunnis, Shias and Kurds. Everybody working together in a new
    stable government….. The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq has always
    said that when Iraq gains a good, stable democratic government he will
    increase the value of the dinar. I don’t care what the creep in the picture
    above says, I’m nearly at the point to wipe that annoying fucking smile off
    his face 

  17. Johnny Franco says

    Dinars are purchase by Wall Mall $1.02 USD to 1,000,000Irack Dinars!! The
    cheapesr shit paper of the Future

  18. Its november and still no rv. I bet 5 years from now it still wont have

  19. Philip Taylor says

    this man is clueless as to what is going on in Iraq, the IMF, the CBI and
    within Parliament, the current laws that have been passed, AND the fact
    that there have been “privileged” people being exchanged for their Dinar
    for the past year and more so in the past 2 months at the new rate of
    $3.58. Can wait for this fool to eat crow so I can ram some crow into his
    annoying smiling mouth….very soon!

  20. Poppabear Mark says


  21. Poppabear Mark says

    you are a reel dumb fuck

  22. mrgalikanookis says

    Yeah this guy is completely unaware of what is happening in Iraq.. I agree
    some dealers are making a premium, but the Dinar is worth way more than a
    thousandth of a cent.. 

  23. playinhard says

    If it weren’t so tragic, the dinar scam would actually be comedic! Truly
    amazing how so many Americans remain so profoundly gullible in this day and
    age, but it just goes to show that for every common grifter, there are
    100 greed-driven imbeciles who will fall for their scam. :)

  24. playinhard says

    Another read for those gullible enough to even consider the well known
    Iraqi Dinar Scam:

    Don’t Be Fooled By the Iraqi Dinar Scam
    Currency trading? Legitimate investment. And that’s what Iraqi dinar
    scammers hang their hat on to bleed you dry.
    Jun 3, 2014, 1:45 pm EST | By John Jagerson, Editor, SlingShot Trader
    View All

    Don’t Be Fooled By the Iraqi Dinar Scam
    I was first introduced to the Iraqi dinar scam by a friend of mine who
    asked me if it was a good investment several years ago. And I’m amazed to
    see how long it has persisted, not to mention how active the scam is today.
    Source: ©iStock.com/darkangel314
    The Iraqi dinar scam disproportionately makes victims of people who don’t
    have money to lose — including returning servicemen and women — and that’s
    why I’m passionate about speaking out against it.
    How the Iraqi Dinar Scam Works
    The scam is basically perpetrated by dinar currency dealers, who work
    through “promoters” on message boards and through church and social groups
    to sell physical dinar currency. They promise that the dinar, which
    currently trades at about 1,200 to the U.S. dollar, will soon be “revalued”
    to a much higher rate. They usually promise returns of several thousand
    percent when you buy dinar.
    Cheated: How America Loses Billions to Fraud Every Year

    The dealers get away with it because as long as you are not directly
    promoting the dinar as an investment, the dealers can sell it without it
    being a registered/regulated security.
    The promoters get away with what they do because, as long as you are not
    selling the dinar, you can pretty much say anything you want about it.
    The connections between the dealers and the promoters are usually hidden
    behind false names and corporate shells.
    7 Bulletproof Stocks to Buy Now: No matter how choppy this market gets,
    these blue chips will offer double-digit growth AND sleep-well-at-night
    safety. Get their names (and buy prices!) here.
    For example, there is a large dealer here in my local area owned by the
    wife of a popular dinar promoter who goes by an online pseudonym. Hidden
    relationships like this are more common in this scam than you might think.
    Very few have been shut down by the FTC or SEC, and I expect that will
    remain the case in the future.
    Why Is This a Scam?
    The underlying premises used by the dealers/promoters to convince
    inexperienced currency traders that this is a “sure thing” are relatively
    easy to refute, but victims have to be willing to confirm the facts for
    Here is a brief summary of the lies told by the scammers and why they
    aren’t true:
    Currencies are not stocks: Scammers suggest that because Iraq sits on one
    of the world’s largest (and easiest-to-access) oil reserves, the dinar will
    appreciate as they export this commodity. If Iraq were a company and the
    dinar was a stock this would be true, however, oil exporters work very hard
    to prevent their currencies from appreciating. There is even an economic
    problem called “Dutch disease” that describes what happens when a commodity
    exporter’s currency appreciates in value. The bottom line is that Iraq
    doesn’t want an appreciating currency because it wouldn’t do the country
    any good. Iraq wants economic growth, not currency growth. If oil exports
    increased the value of a currency, why don’t other exporters experience
    appreciation? Much more often they experience the opposite: devaluation.
    You can’t do business internationally with a low exchange rate: The
    argument that a country can’t do business if its base currency (the dinar)
    is only worth a fraction of a U.S. penny is a common but absurd argument.
    In the modern global economy, the decimal place in an exchange rate doesn’t
    matter. If it did, how could South Korea, Indonesia, Madagascar, or Vietnam
    be such large exporters of consumer goods? You don’t need to look farther
    than the tag on your shirt to confirm that each of these exporters, with
    currency exchange rates lower than the dinar, don’t have any problems
    exporting goods.

  25. playinhard says

    And from but a few days ago, here is a good clip from a few days ago that
    introduces a few of the common grifters associated with this by now well
    known scam… 🙂


  26. Dupedintodreaming says

    Don’t the people on Dinarguru and Dinarrecaps get tierd of posting the same crap day after day year after year!

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