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Mountain Goat Dinar Guru

At this point, most of Dinar Land know that Mountain Goat was a fake creation by someone.  Some have speculated that Dinar Recaps was the one who created Mnt Goat, but it’s hard to tell because they like to hide behind their disclaimer.  So, even if it was created by them, they have a disclaimer basically hiding them and protecting them.  I don’t like it, but either way, I have your face Ken, saving it for TNTBS to expose you!  Dinar Guru Mnt Goat This is your chance to come clean or I will expose YOU! Visit me on Twitter.  Check below for the MP3 OF PEOPLE’S TALK RADIO EXPOSING MOUNTAIN GOAT!

I guess Mnt Goat from Dinar Recaps is in front of the car.  He will probably be deleting his Twitter account, but it’s too late, he has already been exposed.

Go to the following page on Dinar Recaps:


Look for the below comment:

ken siegel mnt goat dinar

ken siegel mountain goat

Isn’t that interesting?  Wonder if anyone has Mnt Goat’s IP address?  I know the folks at People’s Talk Radio do, Mountain Goat was banned there in July 2013, the same exact time that Tony was kicked out of PTR for saying people can leave their jobs.