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Exposed Iranian Rial Dealer Michael Seaton BuyIRR.com

Friends, I cannot warn you enough.  Avoid any website or anything that has to do with Michael Seaton (owner) or Stephen Smith (answers phones, web work) of Las Vegas NV. He is now selling the Iranian Rial currency. He was selling the Iraqi Dinar for a short time, scamming people as proof below will show. His site comes up when you search for Buy IRR. Make sure you search for his BBB reviews.  This currency site is here to warn you about scams and scammers.

This picture was posted on Smith’s Facebook page:

iranian rial brick

buy irr screenshot treasury buyirr

The above screenshot uses false and misleading statement to sell Iranian Rial before it became legal to do so.

So, how much does Michael and his partner below make?  See the below video of Steven Smith counting out $100 bills.

He is not the only one rich, look at Mike Seaton’s daughter holding a stack of money:


Iranian Rial Currency Dealer BuyIrr.com

The company was illegally selling the currency of Iran BEFORE the sanctions had been lifted.  A simple visit to archive.org will prove that much, simply enter in their website and look at what is looked like before January of 2016.  The money was set on tile floor, probably from Michael Seaton’s home.

Here is more Iranian Currency being sold out of either Michael or Stephen’s home:

iranian rial buyirr

When searching Google for him, you will find company names such as the following:

Cash for Dinars – Had to close up shop because threatening people for posting negative BBB wasn’t working.  Victims would send in Uncirculated curency, payments, if any, would be put on hold, then victim would be told they gave circulated, a lie!

You probably thought you had a lot of Iranian Rial, try again:

steven smith iranian rial

Some people received checks from Michael Seaton from a CLOSED account:

michael seaton check copy

There is so much more than this:

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