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Peoples Dinar Banker Airport Exchanges – Dan Atkinson Ty Rhame

None of the information on this website is in violation of any copyright as no copyright has been submitted.  All of the information on this website is publicly available via simple Google searches.  Daniel Atkinson, 52, has pumped the Iraqi Dinar with Tony Renfrow for many years. Tony left People’s Talk Radio in July of 2013. Sterling Currency Group (formerly Dinar Banker) followed him to his new site.

See the following screenshot:

tnt dinar sterling

Here is the call with Dinar Banker from 2010 recorded on People’s Dinar. It was NOT Peoples Talk Radio.  It’s Dan Atkinson, Ty Rhame, SteveI, and Tony Renfrow:

There is no copyright for a call that was released publicly, and it is being posted here as Fair use. The FBI would like to get their hands on this call considering TerryK was indicted for pumping Iraqi Dinar nearly the same way.

Here is the webpage of current calls:


Available on the Internet Archive – https://web.archive.org/web/20160824201108*/http://www.omnimediacast.net/peoplestalkradio/scroll/live.php

Later, after this call, Dan and Tony moved to peoplestalkradio, their own website.  In addition to airport exchanges discussing by Ty Rhame is how to handle the revaluation.

sterling currency group dinar banker tnt dinar dan atkinson

Daniel Atkinson Pics

FOUND ON https://mriqd.com/category/hack-gurus/other-hack-pumpers/

dan atkinson

Here is Dan Atkinson

Dan Atkinson

checkmate-daniel atkinson

Dinar Vets Checkmate Email

dan atkinson checkmate ptr

peoples dinar dinar banker sterling

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Here is Tony Renfrow (TNT Dinar) from the EEFuel video:

This audio below is a group from the Fuel Industry calling Dan Atkinson a bitch, worth listening to.



Dan Atkinson
National Sales Director


Read about Dan Atkinson here: