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Peoples Dinar Banker Airport Exchanges – Dan Atkinson Ty Rhame

None of the information on this website is in violation of any copyright as no copyright has been submitted.  All of the information on this website is publicly available via simple Google searches.  Daniel Atkinson, 52, has pumped the Iraqi Dinar with Tony Renfrow for many years. Tony left People’s Talk Radio in July of 2013. Sterling Currency Group (formerly Dinar Banker) followed him to his new site.

See the following screenshot:

tnt dinar sterling

Here is the call with Dinar Banker from 2010 recorded on People’s Dinar. It was NOT Peoples Talk Radio.  It’s Dan Atkinson, Ty Rhame, SteveI, and Tony Renfrow:

There is no copyright for a call that was released publicly, and it is being posted here as Fair use. The FBI would like to get their hands on this call considering TerryK was indicted for pumping Iraqi Dinar nearly the same way.

Here is the webpage of current calls:


Available on the Internet Archive – https://web.archive.org/web/20160824201108*/http://www.omnimediacast.net/peoplestalkradio/scroll/live.php

Later, after this call, Dan and Tony moved to peoplestalkradio, their own website.  In addition to airport exchanges discussing by Ty Rhame is how to handle the revaluation.

sterling currency group dinar banker tnt dinar dan atkinson

Daniel Atkinson Pics

FOUND ON https://mriqd.com/category/hack-gurus/other-hack-pumpers/

dan atkinson

Here is Dan Atkinson

Dan Atkinson

checkmate-daniel atkinson

Dinar Vets Checkmate Email

dan atkinson checkmate ptr

peoples dinar dinar banker sterling

peoples dinar logo

Here is Tony Renfrow (TNT Dinar) from the EEFuel video:

This audio below is a group from the Fuel Industry calling Dan Atkinson a bitch, worth listening to.



Dan Atkinson
National Sales Director


Read about Dan Atkinson here:





1-13-2016 TNT Dinar Conference Call Notes RayRen98 Raymond Renfrow

Welcome to Day Star Net!

Here is the new TNT Dinar Remix featuring TNTBS and friends!

daystarnet dinar guru

Raymond Renfrow RayRen98 Concept Marketing International Conference Call from 2006

Hi Ray, thanks for mentioning my site on the call just now 1/13/2016

Tony has not reported to prison yet.


tnt tony inmate


tnt tony dinar prison

The video below was removed because of a complaint, so it’s here now so people can hear what shenanigans happen during a live call.

You are ALL BEING RECORDED on TNT Open Mic – Nice assignment Ray, stop lying!  Go ahead and contact WP Rocket.  It’s not illegal to expose scams.  I have already notified the FBI per these sites:



No Ray, this website is not making money. We are taking over where Dinar Douchbags left off.

TNT Dinar Open Mic Still in Progress January 13, 2016:

Keep name dropping the website, and be sure to listen to yourselves below:
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TNT Dinar Forum Open Mic Activeboard Forum

The TNT Dinar forum is a place where the TNT Tony and TNT Rayren98 members can come together to discuss the latest “intel”.  Of course, be sure that you don’t tell the truth about the guys providing the intel.  If you want to be banned in a hurry, ask about Raymond Renfrow’s court injunction or about Tony’s prison sentence for his 14 daily plus scam.

raymond renfrow (rayren98) cmi justice

As you see above, Raymond Renfrow (RayRen98) should not be giving tax advice, trust advice, or doing anyone’s taxes.

tnt dinar forum

One of the things I have an issue with is the fact that the website only costs $99.50 per month according to the following screenshot:

tnt dinar activeboard

But just look at how many times they ask for donations:

irene tnt dinar donate donation tony renfrow tnt tony address



Learn more about the Activeboard here:

Hopefully you enjoyed the video and audio on this page.  It’s hard to take the TNT Dinar people seriously because they believe whatever Ray or Tony feeds them.  Forget the fact that both Tony and Ray have been wrong about the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar, they both were in trouble for scams they were running.  Learn about Dinar Guru TNT Tony scam 14 daily plus.

So now that you have seen the activeboard, based upon the video at the top of this article, what do you think?  Do you need to join TNT?  Sure you buy dinars and listen to calls but that doesn’t make you an expert.  You could learn everything about the global currency reset, but have you ever wondered why so many gurus pump dinar sales?  Posts like this one help to wake you up to the truth that has been there all along.  After you read this article, please comment below.

TNT Tony – Dinar Guru

Who Is TNT Tony

tnt tony

Welcome to my first post – today, I want to discuss TNT Tony, and the whole TNT Dinar team who started the #wearethepeople nonsense back in January of 2014.
I will be writing more in detail on Tony TNT Dinar in the coming months as I have more time.  The ultimate goal is to warn everyone.  Here is an old recording from 2012 with Tony discussing how soon the Iraqi Dinar would revalue.  In the meantime, check out this article on TNT Dinar.

TNT Tony Dinar Guru Qualifications

Now, there are many out there who call themselves dinar guru but what exactly are the qualifications to be a dinar guru?  If I told you that they weren’t much, you probably would not believe me.  Regardless, here are the qualifications to be a dinar guru.

  • You must be able to predict the future rate of the Iraqi Dinar
  • You have to have contacts in Iraq who work at the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq)
  • You must be able to be really good at lying to people when they ask you tough questions
  • You have to remove anyone who doesn’t agree with you
  • You need to find a dinar company to pay you commissions
  • If you can’t find a dinar company, you can just sell the dinar yourself
  • If you don’t want to sell it, you can always run ads on your website to make money
  • If you don’t want ads, you can always charge a monthly membership fee of between $5 and $48.
  • You need to find other people who are good at lying about the Iraqi Dinar.
  • You should try and quickly find a way to cover up anything you did wrong in the past.

That pretty much sums it up.  You should probably already have an arrest warrant publicly available like this one:

tnt tony

TNT Tony Dinar – Court Date

Updated 5/20/15, found this video about TNT Tony going to court, he is changing his plea to guilty!  This is very important news.

Please watch the video below

Video on TNT Dinar

Anthony Renfrow has a court date coming up in June of 2015.  This is a jury trial.  I hope that none of the jurors listen to his conference calls as that would be very biased in my opinion.  I hope they see him for the criminal he was and still is.  IQD Calls has information on TNT Tony’s Court Date.

Read more about TNT Dinar here: TNT Dinar