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TNT Dinar Forum Open Mic Activeboard Forum

The TNT Dinar forum is a place where the TNT Tony and TNT Rayren98 members can come together to discuss the latest “intel”.  Of course, be sure that you don’t tell the truth about the guys providing the intel.  If you want to be banned in a hurry, ask about Raymond Renfrow’s court injunction or about Tony’s prison sentence for his 14 daily plus scam.

raymond renfrow (rayren98) cmi justice

As you see above, Raymond Renfrow (RayRen98) should not be giving tax advice, trust advice, or doing anyone’s taxes.

tnt dinar forum

One of the things I have an issue with is the fact that the website only costs $99.50 per month according to the following screenshot:

tnt dinar activeboard

But just look at how many times they ask for donations:

irene tnt dinar donate donation tony renfrow tnt tony address



Learn more about the Activeboard here:

Hopefully you enjoyed the video and audio on this page.  It’s hard to take the TNT Dinar people seriously because they believe whatever Ray or Tony feeds them.  Forget the fact that both Tony and Ray have been wrong about the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar, they both were in trouble for scams they were running.  Learn about Dinar Guru TNT Tony scam 14 daily plus.

So now that you have seen the activeboard, based upon the video at the top of this article, what do you think?  Do you need to join TNT?  Sure you buy dinars and listen to calls but that doesn’t make you an expert.  You could learn everything about the global currency reset, but have you ever wondered why so many gurus pump dinar sales?  Posts like this one help to wake you up to the truth that has been there all along.  After you read this article, please comment below.


  1. Had to get new phone lost all my contacts from everybody

  2. It only cost Ray about $99.99 a month for the webinar that he has 3x a week and people continue to send him money each week for what ? The Intel that he has is suppose to be short for intelligence, but hearing the same exact thing for 3-4 years what is intelligent about his information ? He has the 3 calls a week to make everybody think that he is working hard for his money , but if the 20K plus people that listen write him a check for each broadcast that he has , he is netting 20K per call . Why do you continue to give him money when he does nothing but talk in circles and in codes each call and he doesn’t bring anything new to the table . Like idiots people always say, ” thanks for all that you ” , really what is it that he does ? We should just respond , “thanks for all that y’all have DONE ” , because he’s not doing anything but talking in riddles for an hour . Stop listening to him and sending him money , at this point he shouldn’t have calls , all he needs to do is send out 800 numbers when they become available. Why are you falling for this garbage , he is just filling his pockets with your money .

  3. Ray has told us several times in the past that he knows members who have actually gone in and exchanged their currency , funny thing is , he has yet to produce1 single person to come on and tell us that they have to ease our minds and to let us know that this is real. Ray is full of CRAP !!!!!!!

  4. Ray has you guys sending him tons of money probably 3x a week for what ? Dumbtel , because it sure is not intel

  5. Over/under , how many times on tomorrow’s call will Ray sound like a little female dog and use his favorite phrase , ” and ‘um ” when he doesn’t know jack and when you back him into a corner and ask him for specifics , he runs behind the ” I don’t want to get your hopes up and then it doesn’t come through as planned ” answer , when the members provide more content to his calls that they get from somewhere else besides TNT than he ever will

  6. Stop sending the con man Ray money every week , tell him good bye , and just to tweet out the 800 numbers when they come out and to stop wasting your time

  7. Why do you continue to listen to Ray week in and week out when he never has anything new to say that has any substance what so ever

  8. Probably no call today from Ray , heck that’s the way it should be every Monday , Wednesday. & Friday because he never has anything new to say !!!!!!!!

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