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TNT Dinar Activeboard

The TNT Tony Dinar Activeboard – Why Is It Closed?

tnt dinar activeboard

The active board is located here:

It was open for a very short time in 2013, but then was closed. The reason for this was to ensure that only the real sheep were allowed in to feed on the TNT tit. I feel that the most important thing to mention to people is that the whole #wearethepeople campaign was a lie, designed to get people to not focus so much on what Tony Renfrow was saying, but on the politicians and the President who were, “Holding up the RV.” What a lie! People fell for it though.

The BBC investigated the #wearethepeople hashtag and found that over 60% of TNT Tony’s followers on Twitter were, in fact, fake.

Here is the audio from the BBC broadcast: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01ryk68

Who is Tony Renfrow TNT Tony Dinar or TNT Dinar? Article on TNT Dinar from the global currency reset website.

TNT TONY – FEDERAL INDICTMENT http://www.scribd.com/doc/204935640/Federal-Indictment-of-Anthony-TNT-Tony-Renfrow

Here is TNT Tony, the so called dinar guru. Read the article above, listen to the video, it’s that voice, that way of speaking, that you will recognize.

Global Reset Podcast: http://globalcurrencyreset.libsyn.com/

TNT Tony is a dinar guru, his real name is Anthony Renfrow. He is currently awaiting a court date for his 14 daily plus scam. It’s basically an MLM scam he was running. He was under indictment orders and actually had an arrest warrant issued. He has filed for bankruptcy twice, and has no contacts in Iraq.

He does an entertaining show, but it’s just that, entertainment, not facts, just lies. Avoid Tony Renfrow, and avoid the activeboard.


  1. CSSDragonlord says
  2. ladiesmann4545 says

    great stuff man i just emailed you on your site about the yuan and stuff i
    was just ganna add this…if you do join those sites freespeak.net and
    friendshitagenda im non compliance…fb banned me for not using my real
    name and they banned me over and over for adding ppl they up on the site
    you know the possible ppl to add to your friends i would get banned for
    months at a time before they cut me off completely…so i wouldn’t bet too
    much on fb i think its going down its all CIA anyways so yea but joe and
    freeman are good and their videos are good jsnip4 and freemanfly i was
    really excited when i found your website this will be the biggest thing
    before the end of the dollar if you watch all the lindsey williams stuff
    you buy that right after the full implimentation of obamacare the dollar
    will have a full collapse..well i buy that and i think that will be
    possibly 2016 now that obama pushed off the small to mid to 2016 so that
    would make sense…

  3. shejustis says

    Everyone involved with Tony KNOWS all about this. He shared it from the
    start. GET a life!

  4. Global Currency Reset says

    Conquering the Coming Collapse | Global Currency Reset

  5. Aren’t you in jail yet you dinar scammer???

  6. so the dinar will never reval?

  7. Don’t know your guys email address bought a new phone

  8. Why do people continue to fill Ray Ren’s pockets with money 3 times a week for no now Intel , the cost to run the calls per month is only about $100.00-$150.00 so if you are donating just $1.00 for every 20k people listening he is making a killing off of you . He gets his partner to come on near the first part of the call to beg for money , he should start off his little speel by saying , this message is paid for by Ray Ren. You people continue to tell him50 times on each call by saying , thanks for all you do , but what is it that he is doing , what should be said is , thanks for all that you have DONE , because he hasn’t given us any new info for several months now . I believe that the currency will revalue , I just don’t believe that he should be getting rich on you guys , and not having anything to say .He can never give you a straight forward answer when backed against a wall , and when somebody pins him down to a statement that he has made in the past he says that you must have misunderstood him , i.e. when he said that he would be concerned if there is revalue by a certain date , and then his reply was , no I meant that I would be concerned if there is no revalue and any new information , this guy is full of CRAP !!!!

  9. Ray Renshould run for a political office , because he talks an awe full lot , but he says absolutely nothing .he can never answer a straight question , and he can never produce 1 person that has so called exchanged their currency , now wouldn’t you feel compelled to get on the call to ease people’s minds , and to let them know how the process went .this guy is a true shyster .

  10. Why do people say , Ray , thanks for all that you do . What is he doing other than taking all of you money when you donate all of that money , when it only cost about $100- $150.00 a month to run the calls

  11. When will Way Wen give you guys any new information ? He never gives a straight answer for anything , when asked his reply is , I have information, but I don’t feel comfortable discussing it right now , I can’t believe that people still listen to this guy week end and week out for no new news ,

  12. Does anybody remember Tony saying a couple of years ago , the people of Iraq have been paid and they are dancing in the streets , and they have tv’s in their hands and they have purchased this and that , I callB.B.S.. on that because it’s been at least 2 years since he originally made that statement .

  13. The reason that the people that have dropped off of open mic is because they have a brain because Ray never has anything new to say .Really what is the reason for open mic and the M/W/F calls when there is nothing new to say , he is ripping you guys off with all of your donations to him.

  14. Ray is making fun of the people that stopped listening to his open mic garbage , the something for nothing’s , that’s funny , I call them smart , why would they keep listening to hours of nothing, the only people that continue to listen must be brainless because he never gives out any new info

  15. is there no chance the dong will get to $2 now? only .47?

  16. So you must be still listening then so then are you brainless lol. You get life do your research and then you will know for your yourself instead of waiting for someone else. And you are not forced too donate you donate too charities right where does that money go you really know?

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