TNT Dinar Activeboard

The TNT Tony Dinar Activeboard – Why Is It Closed? The active board is located here: It was open for a very short time in 2013, but then was closed. The reason for this was to ensure that only the real sheep were allowed in to feed on the TNT tit. I feel that the most important thing to mention to people is that the whole #wearethepeople campaign was a lie, designed to get people to not focus so much on what Tony Renfrow was saying, but on the politicians and the President who were, “Holding up the RV.” What a lie! People fell for it though. The BBC investigated the #wearethepeople hashtag and found that over 60% of TNT Tony’s followers on Twitter were, in fact, fake. Here is the audio from the BBC broadcast: Who is Tony Renfrow TNT Tony Dinar or TNT Dinar? Article on TNT Dinar from the global currency reset website. TNT TONY – FEDERAL INDICTMENT Here is TNT Tony, the so called dinar guru. Read the article above, listen to the video, it’s that voice, that way of speaking, that you will recognize. Global Reset Podcast: TNT Tony is a dinar guru, his real name is Anthony Renfrow. He is currently awaiting a court date for his 14 daily plus scam. It’s basically an MLM scam he was running. He was under indictment orders and actually had an arrest warrant issued. He has filed for bankruptcy twice, and has no contacts in Iraq. He does an entertaining show, but it’s just that, entertainment, not facts, just lies. Avoid Tony Renfrow, and avoid the activeboard.