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Vietnamese Currency

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Dong dealers overcharging by 100% – This is my call to Chase. I did an investigation into ripoffs and dong ripoffs came up.


This is a live call where I talk to a representative from Chase and am offered 1 million dong for a little over . Treasury Vault is a ripoff charging 65% more for dong than the street rate, don’t know why I bought from them, and why many of you still recommend them also. Don’t purchase this currency.
See the chart on the link above.
Ibuydinar is 70% more than street rate.

Another site charges 107% more than the street rate.

BOMBSHELL! This video goes into a lot of examples of why I do not recommend that people buy Vietnam Dong online, or any currency for that matter. Why pay 47% to 108% more? You can buy it much cheaper from your local bank, it’s fast, easy, and no shipping costs.

These online guys try to tell you “We are registered with the U.S. Treasury” So what? So is my local bank. Why should I pay you between 47 and 108% more than the bank? Just because these guys have fancy websites and offer you a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) you fell for their trap. The trap stops here, right now, I’m advising everyone to only buy from their local bank, these online guys are done ripping us off! Share this message now, you have a responsibility now to warn others. I told you I’m not trying to make money from selling currency, is this good enough for everyone who said I’m just about the money? Now you know that Nick Giammarino is telling you to not buy your Vietnamese Dong online, now, for dinar, you might have to, but still, check with your local banks.

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05:30 I make a call to my Chase Bank https://www.chase.com/ here in Tempe, Arizona. I am asked for my account number and the cost of the million dong is significantly lower than if you were to buy dong online now. I recommend you all take a good look at this video. I made mistakes buying from Treasury Vault in the past and regret spending so much for so little. Now it’s time the truth is exposed, share this with everyone who has invested, or is thinking of investing for the reset.
10:18 Post Chase Call Wrap Up Discussion
16:43 When is the reset going to happen?
I still recommend you buy gold and silver, but not many people will take my advice. It’s a shame, here is the link to buy gold and silver on Amazon.

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