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Dinar Recaps

Dinar Recaps  is one of those websites that posts information on the Iraqi Dinar.  The owner, Ken Siegel, created a fake persona known as Mountain Goat, many times abbreviated Mnt Goat.

Included are tips about post RV and what you must do to protect yourself. I love the fact that on dinar recaps the site has an archive section and that they posted my article about the global currency reset titled,”GCR – Are you Ready?”

I like the layout of the Dinar Recaps site, they have a way of contacting them directly, a feature missing on a lot of dinar sites.

Dinar Recaps has good information and I check it daily for important updates.

This dinar recaps site has a bit of new information everyday, much like my sites breaking news page, it doesn’t seem to regurgitate the information other sites are putting out, at least, not too much. They tend to post a lot of conference call messages, links to the actual calls and chat room messages. The dinar recaps site also has important post RV information. Even though they do post some dinar guru information from people such as TNT Tony, I try to just filter out the facts from the BS, if you want to know the facts, you should check out some of the links I have on breaking news, mainly because I take the Arabic sites and translate them into English.
I like the fact that dinar recaps has put up an about us page, most sites don’t do that.