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Iraqi Dinar News

There is a lot of so called Iraqi Dinar News, but what is the truth? It seems that most of the dinar gurus are just there to lie and make up stories to get you to buy Iraqi Dinar. The news usually has no citation, so it’s impossible to verify what they are saying as fact.

It’s easier to make up a lie than to just tell the truth about the Iraqi Dinar. These guys would do so much more if they would just post real facts on Iraq, not these lies.

I occasionally make Iraqi Dinar update videos. I don’t make predictions about revalues, nor do I even really believe in the concept a currency can explode in value overnight.

iraqi dinar news

These videos are more just up to date news about Iraq and current events, Current dealer prices, dealer buying prices, any new forums or anything that popped up, etc.

If you have any questions or suggestions for Iraqi Dinar topics you want to hear about post a comment and I’ll try to do a bit of research and make a video.


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    Not really any new news to report but do have a few new vids up that may b
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