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1-13-2016 TNT Dinar Conference Call Notes RayRen98 Raymond Renfrow

Welcome to Day Star Net!

Here is the new TNT Dinar Remix featuring TNTBS and friends!

daystarnet dinar guru

Raymond Renfrow RayRen98 Concept Marketing International Conference Call from 2006

Hi Ray, thanks for mentioning my site on the call just now 1/13/2016

Tony has not reported to prison yet.


tnt tony inmate


tnt tony dinar prison

The video below was removed because of a complaint, so it’s here now so people can hear what shenanigans happen during a live call.

You are ALL BEING RECORDED on TNT Open Mic – Nice assignment Ray, stop lying!  Go ahead and contact WP Rocket.  It’s not illegal to expose scams.  I have already notified the FBI per these sites:



No Ray, this website is not making money. We are taking over where Dinar Douchbags left off.

TNT Dinar Open Mic Still in Progress January 13, 2016:

Keep name dropping the website, and be sure to listen to yourselves below:
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